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Welcome on board! Since 2003, CockpitWeb has been helping pilots make their dreams come true: the dream to become an airline pilot and to get their dream job. In aviation, preparation is everything. Preparation makes the difference between succes and failure.

CockpitWeb develops professional software for pilots: Airline Assessment Preparation Software and Pilot Training Software. All programs have been developed by experienced airline pilots.


— Airline Assessment Preparation - because you only have 1 chance to make a good first impression!

Do you study for an exam? Of course! So would you prepare for a job assessment? You better! Never attend a job assessment without preparation! Preparation for a job assessment is an absolute must!

CockpitWeb has created 3 powerful airline assessment preparation programs to build your skills and your confidence and avoid sleepless nights before the assessment:

- Sim: Improve your flying skills. Preparation for Airline simulator assessment, captain upgrade, ... Fly an Airbus or Boeing jetliner at home!

- Aptitude Software: Build your 'aptitude' skills: improve your psychomotor, eye-hand coordination and multitasking skills and train your memory.

- Numerapt Software: Improve your Numerical Reasoning, Psychometric, Memory and Mathematics skills.

"Land" your dream job and make your dreams come true!


CockpitWeb Sim: IFR + Airline Pilot Training... at home! - because a pilot should be able to practice at home endlessly without extra cost!

Fly at a Higher Level! Improve your flying skills to expert level. Pass simulator checkrides, LPCs, OPCs, type ratings and IFR Training with 'flying' colours. The CockpitWeb Sim gives you unlimited flying opportunity at home without extra cost. And you don't require a joystick!




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Boeing's pilot outlook: "763,000 new airline pilots required" Don't miss your flight!

Aptitude Software v2.7

Clusivity CockpitWeb

CockpitWeb Aptitude Software - Make Your Dreams Come True!

The CockpitWeb Aptitude Software, formerly known as the famous Pilot Aptitude Test Software, has been extremely popular since its release in 2005. It has helped 1000s of pilots to pass flight school & airline assessments and 'land' their dream job with major airlines all over the world. CockpitWeb is world leader in (pilot) aptitude test preparation!

The Aptitude Software improves your psychomotor, eye-hand coordination and multitasking skills and trains your memory.

Pass the toughest job assessment tests. Some tests are very tough. A nightmare! Airlines want to judge your capacity. Are you able to handle a 300 million dollar airliner with 300+ passengers and deal with bad weather, decreasing fuel, delays, a drunk or sick passenger, thunderstorms, snowstorms, dozens of airplanes in the vicinity, a major technical problem, etc...

Can you stay cool under high pressure? Do you give up when the workload is too high? Or do you hang in? Just like you can learn to fly an airplane, you can learn to multitask. Remember numbers, shapes and colors at the same time. Or make calculations and remember colors? Practice, practice, practice endlessly.

The Aptitude Software has 21 different Aptitude tests to test your psychomotor , eye-hand coordination and multitasking skills and train your memory. Each test can generate 1000s of different exercises randomly.

Train to be fast and accurate. Don't worry. The first time you make these tests the result will be really, really bad. But then something magical happens: the more you practice, the better you become.

Some examples:
Circles with different colors will be shown on the screen. You must click on the panel with the corresponding color. You may also hear a bell or a spring sound. Then you must click on the corresponding BELL or SPRING button. Furthermore if the black L or R panel turn white you must press either the left or right cursor key. A test at very high speed!

Identify when a shape and its colour correspond with a reference shape and colour. The position of the reference shapes and reference colours will change each test!

CockpitWeb "678-674-670-666-..."
A shape and colour is spoken (Example: "Blue cross"). Different shapes and colours are then randomly shown on the screen. When you see the blue cross, press a key and enter the number displayed inside the shape. At the same time a series of numbers is spoken (Example: "678-674-670-666-..."). Note the difference between the numbers, here 4. Each time the difference changes ("...666-663-660-657-...") you must press a key and remember the new difference, now 3.

And many, many more...

Caution: Some tests go beyond your capacity limits! But hey, don't worry, the more you practice the higher you will raise your standards!

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Numerapt Software v1.3


CockpitWeb Numerapt Software - Make Your Dreams Come True!

The CockpitWeb Numerapt Software is designed to improve your Numerical Reasoning, Psychometric, Memory and Mathematics skills. It was released in 2006 and has helped 1000s of people prepare for a job assessment as pilot, police officer, fire(wo)men, etc...

Attend a job assessment with confidence. Avoid sleepless nights the days before the test. Reduce the stress and avoid 'blackouts'.

The Numerapt Software has 41 different tests to sharpen your skills: mathematics, numerical reasoning, equations and memory tests. Each test generates random exercises. Therefore there are millions of exercises included!

The Numerapt Software includes a 'Back-to-School'-ebook explaining how to solve each of the 41 tests.

Some examples of tests included in the software (and explained in the ebook):
"Is 1893966 a multiple of 6?
"Write 5/8 as a decimal."
"First you travel 260 miles at 52 mph. Then you travel 90 miles at 45 mph. What is your average speed?"
"Aircraft A and aircraft B are 720 miles apart and move towards each other. The speed of aircraft A is 114 mph and the speed of aircraft B is 366 mph. Where will both aircraft meet (distance from the startpoint of aircraft A)?"
"If you complete 5 tasks in 15 minutes, how many tasks will you complete in 105 minutes?"
"If John completes 5 tasks in 8 minutes and Bob completes 5 tasks in 6 minutes, how long will it take them to complete 5 tasks if they work together?"
And many, many more...

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CockpitWeb Sim v6.1 - the Future of Pilot Training!

The CockpitWeb 'Sim' is sim-ply AMAZING'. It's a professional pilot training simulator software.
includes: IFR Training + NEW Airbus/Boeing Jetliner Training! It is an all-in-1 procedure and maneuver trainer.


2 Screenshots taken from the CockpitWeb 'Sim'. Left Picture: A TCAS RA avoidance maneuver on the jetliner. - Right Picture: Screenshot of a left-hand holding on radial 220.

CockpitWeb Sim is the perfect preparation for IFR and Airline Pilots:

- Airline interview simulator assessments
- New type rating
- Simulator LPCs and OPCs (License & Operator Proficiency Checks)
- Upgrade to Captain
- MCC (Multi-Crew Cooperation), APS (Airline Pilot Standard) or JOC (Jet Orientation Course) training
- Jet conversion
- IFR Training

- IFR Training: includes an IFR Simulator, an IFR manual (140 pages) & 70 different interactive IFR exercises. Learn and practice VOR and NDB interceptions, DME arcs, holdings, ILSs and non-precision approaches.

- Airbus/Boeing Jetliner Training: includes a Jetliner Simulator, a Jetliner manual (100 pages) & 40 different interactive jetliner exercises. Learn to fly an Airbus or Boeing.

CockpitWeb CockpitWeb

-> Learn and practice normal procedures: takeoff, flap use, climb, SIDs (Standard Instrument Departures), cruise, descent, holdings, approaches, go-arounds.

-> Practice emergency and special jetliner maneuvers: engine failure training, engine out procedures, RTO (Rejected Takeoff), emergency evacuation, EFATO (Engine Failure After Takeoff), GPWS training (Ground Proximity Warning System), windshear training, TCAS training (Traffic Collision Avoidance System), UPRT (Upset Prevention & Recovery Training), cabin depressurisation & emergency descent training, airspeed unreliable training, unstable approach avoidance, ...

Below is an overview of what is included!

CockpitWeb Sim

IFR Training

Airbus/Boeing 'Jetliner' Training

Airline Pilot Manual

IFR Manual

Jetliner Manual

Interactive Computer Exercises

70 different IFR exercises

40 different JETLINER exercises

Simulator: Airplane

SEP: Piper PA-28 'classic'
+ Piper PA-28 EFIS

Boeing 737 jetliner
... and other Airbus + Boeings

Learn and practice

VOR and NDB interceptions
DME arcs
Non-precision approaches

Normal procedures: takeoff, flap use, climb, SIDs, cruise, descent, holdings, approaches, go-arounds.
Emergency and special jetliner maneuvers: engine failure & fire training, engine out procedures, RTO, emergency evacuation, EFATO, GPWS training, windshear training, TCAS training, UPRT, cabin depressurisation & emergency descent training, airspeed unreliable training, unstable approach avoidance, ...



If your free copy of the CockpitWeb Sim has expired, you can download a new one. Click on the link below.

Get your FREE DOWNLOAD of the CockpitWeb Sim here!

Click here to download the Airline Pilot Manual. (The manual is also included in the Sim).

The CockpitWeb Sim is a 'Home Trainer' for pilots. The benefits are obvious:
- Avoid stress and sleepless nights before an LPC or assessment.
- Demonstrate ‘above average’ flying skills.
- ‘Land’ your dream job!
- Unlimited training opportunity without extra cost!
- Improve your flying skills & instrument scan
- Reduce flight time and flight training cost.
- Make your IFR training easier: save time: no need to drive to the airport, file a flight plan, do the preflight inspection, ... Just set the wind and start flying within seconds.
- Make your type rating easier.

Just like a musician who can practice the musical instrument at home daily, now pilots can practice flying at home endlessly.

The CockpitWeb Sim was first released in 2003 and was finalist in the "Flight Global" Magazine Aerospace Industry Awards!

The CockpitWeb Sim is unique! It has been designed to let you fly at a ‘Higher Level’:

- No joystick required: you can fly the CockpitWeb Sim at home on a laptop in your sofa, without any requirement for additional gear like joystick or rudder pedals.
- 15 seconds: you can start any maneuver or procedure within 15 seconds, including the entire setup of frequencies, courses, altitude, speed, flaps, gear, minimums... Sim-ply amazing! That's a 15 seconds preflight only!
- Fly at your local airport: you can virtually fly at your local airport and at the airport you will ‘visit’ tomorrow, during IFR flight or simulator assessment and practice the local procedures. We give a new definition to flight preparation.
- Computer-based exercises included. Because reading a manual is not enough to learn procedures. You also need hands-on experience. The IFR Training includes 70 different IFR exercises. The Jetliner training includes 40 different Jetliner exercises. Special algorithms have been developed to generate 1000s of random exercises.
- Pause a flight whenever you want.

Discover all features of the Sim: More information

Did you purchase an older version? Get your FREE UPDATE! Read the FAQ on our CONTACT page:

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