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Aptitude Test Software

Pilot Training Software

> Aptitude Software (Pilot Aptitude Test Software):

- Improve your psychomotor and multitasking skills.

- Available since 2005: CockpitWeb is world leader in pilot aptitude test preparation!

- Thousands of pilots have used CockpitWeb to pass airline & flight school assessments!

- 21 different Aptitude Tests with thousands of different randomly generated exercises.

- Never attend aptitude assessments without preparation!

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> Numerapt Software:

- Improve your Numerical Reasoning, Psychometric, Memory and Mathematics skills.

- 41 different tests: mathematics, numerical reasoning, equations and memory tests in 1 program.

- More than 1 billion exercises included (randomly generated)!

- Includes 'Back-to-School'-ebook explaining how to solve the tests.

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> IFR Training Software:

- Created by experienced airline pilots!

- Reduces your expensive flight time and limits your pilot training cost.

- Improve your flying skills.

- Prepare for airline simulator assessments and impress your evaluator.

- IFR simulator: fly ILS and non-precision approaches. Practise holdings.
- 87 pages IFR training ebook
- 70 interactive IFR exercises.
- convenient preflight preparation.
- handy pilot guide.

- Finalist in the Flight International Magazine Aerospace Industry Awards 2005 !

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- ATPL Question Database:

- ATPL exam preparation.

- More than 6800 multiple-choice questions included.

- Includes thousands of randomly generated trial exams.

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