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Congratulations for ordering the Cockpitweb IFR Training Software! Follow the steps below to install the programme:

*** Please read this page carefully! ***


Register below and download the program. Save the downloaded file on your hard disk. If you encounter problems, please try again.

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Extract (unzip) the file. Open the extracted directory.


The directory contains 3 important files: Setup, Install and Instructions for use.

-> Run SETUP.
Setup will install the program in the directory: C:\Program Files\CockpitWeb\CockPIT. A shortcut is automatically created on the desktop.

-> Run INSTALL to register the program.
Enter the authorization key and install code from our email. Protect yourself and don't give these codes to others, as these are your personal codes. Install as soon as possible. We regularly change the available install codes. If your code is not correct, contact us to request a new code. You are only entitled to 1 code per year!
Disregard Windows error messages about INSTALL. They are usually false.

-> Read the Instructions for use. We highly recommend to print this file! You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this file.


Doubleclick on the 'CockpitWeb IFR Software' shortcut on your desktop, or

Go to the Windows START directory and open CockpitWeb IFR Software.


Enjoy the Cockpitweb Software.

The CockpitWeb Crew.

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