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Cockpitweb - Pilot Guide

Get your FREE COPY of the practical pilot guide!

The pilot guide is a handy summary that contains all that a pilot should know and all he tends to forget. Carry this guide in your flight bag and you instantly find the answer to all your questions.

Test yourself. Here is a small quiz:

Do you remember or can you quickly find what the following means? (Click here to see the answers)

1) REGR in a METAR means ...

2) 630120 in a TAF means ...

3) A snowtam states 27520235. This means ...



on a significant weather chart means ...

5) How do you write on an ICAO flight plan: transponder equipment is mode S with aircraft identification transmission but without pressure-altitude transmission?

6) What is the minimum VFR flight visibility in class C airspace (ICAO rule)?

7) What is the minimum VFR flight visibility in class E airspace (FAR rule)?

8) In flight, you see a flashing white control light signal. What does this mean?


All this and much more is bundled in the handy pilot guide. FAR, JAR and ICAO rules are included. In short: this practical guide is a must-have for any pilot.

The pilot guide includes METAR & TAF codes, significant weather, snowtam, chart symbols and abbreviations, flight plan codes, rules of the air, VFR weather minima, visual ground signals, marshalling, morse code ...
... and more.

Order the Cockpitweb IFR Training Software and you automatically receive a Free Copy! (Printable PDF file).

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