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"Allow me to congratulate you for the quality, robustness, and great accuracy of your software. I like the great tutorial, the ease of use, and the Autotrim that removes all the frustration associated with the typically unstable pitch trimming found in most simulators."
Frederic B.

"The IFR Training Software is a solid training aid for students - and instructors - of instrument flying, particularly where new concepts and procedures are being introduced for the first time. I could see myself recommending this software to instrument students and using it as part of a training syllabus, demonstrating new material and assigning exercises to build the student's confidence and highlight deficiencies to be addressed before jumping in an airplane. The Autotrim feature is excellent for students being introduced to tricky - and initially overwhelming - concepts such as determining how to apply mnemonics including 'Pilot-Teacher-Dummy' and 'NDBTOP' to plan / enter a hold and then stay in protected airspace despite crosswinds."
Iain D., Commercial Flight Instrument Instructor / reviewer

Cockpitweb Simulator Software: Programmed by airline pilots and flight instructors!
Reduce your flight time! Save money! Become a better pilot!

IFR Training Software: IFR Simulator + IFR training course + interactive IFR exercises + more... !


Become an IFR expert!

The impressive Cockpitweb IFR Training Software includes a complete IFR theory course and interactive IFR exercises to learn all the details of IFR flying. It also includes the powerful IFR Simulator
to provide unlimited flight training. This software has been developed for student-pilots to become an airline pilot or to get an IFR rating. Read more

Flight International Magazine Aerospace Industry Awards 2005 finalist !

"Impressive" PC Pilot Magazine, U.K. "Amazing" Microsimulateur, France

IFR Simulator Software: Unlimited IFR training!

Improve your flying skills, make your IFR training easier and prepare for airline interviews.

The Cockpitweb IFR Simulator Software provides unlimited flight training for a very competitive price!
It includes a worldwide navigation database, large, easy-to-scan instruments with adjustable instrument panel, horizontal and vertical maps, autotrim, 3 different turbulence modes and an ingenious startposition panel.

The IFR Simulator is included in the IFR Training Software.

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Flight Preparation: Fast, easy and safe calculation of navigation log and mass & balance!

Now it only takes seconds to prepare a flight!

Navigation log: this program automatically calculates the wind drift and wind correction angle, groundspeed, elapsed time and even fuel consumption for each flight leg as well as the total flight time and fuel consumption. Did the wind change? No problem: insert the new wind, click the button, print the flight log and you are ready to go!

Mass & balance: this very handy program automatically calculates the total mass of the aircraft and the centre of gravity position. It’s very handy to reposition passengers and luggage or adjust the fuel and immediately see how the mass and centre of gravity move. It can be used for any type of airplane, single or multi-engine, that can carry up to 6 persons. It can be printed and saved.

Conversions are also included. Read more

The preflight preparation is included in the IFR Training Software!

Free Pilot Guide: Instant access to essential information!

A handy and essential summary for pilots bundled in a few pages, containing meteo codes, flight rules, flight plan codes, etc ...

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IFR Training Software reviews

"An ideal tool for serious students of fixed-wing instrument flying.
The printed material provides an excellent summary of the theory of instrument flying, punctuated with valuable suggestions and hints. It also links effectively with the simulator's programmed exercises that will test whether you really can apply the instrument flying theory you've learned. "


(Review of Cockpitweb IFR Training software version 1.0) PC Pilot Magazine, U.K.

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("An amazing product. The advantages of this product, created by and for pilots, are indisputable. A very complete package.") Translated from: "Un produit très surprenant. Les atouts du produit, conçu par et pour des pilotes sont indéniables. Un package très complet."

Microsimulateur, France

Cockpitweb IFR Training software version 1.0 was reviewed by MICROSIMULATEUR magazine, France, the French flight simulation magazine. You can read the review in their december 2003 issue.

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