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CockpitWeb - Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate: Contact us

I ordered a program more than 2 days ago and I still did not receive it. What should I do?

If you have ordered a software program, you will receive 2 confirmation emails: one from PayPal and one from CockpitWeb.
- If you do not receive a confirmation email from PayPal immediately, you have entered a wrong / invalid email address. Contact us immediately.
- If you do not receive a confirmation email from CockpitWeb within 2 days, check your spam settings and contact us immediately. Emails get lost. Please note that we do not refund for late receipt if our email was deleted by spam filters! A refund on software is not possible.

Who / What is Cockpitweb?

CockpitWeb was created by airline pilots since 2001. We have created some very powerful job application and pilot training software programmes. To date, CockpitWeb has thousands of happy customers and has received nothing but positive feedback.
The simulator software was reviewed by 2 professional simulator magazines and received the highest scores. Furthermore, CockpitWeb was finalist in the prestigious Flight International Aerospace Awards 2005.
Our extremely powerful job application software has been advised on the internet by hundreds of customers and has become the standard for job application preparation.

How long to deliver the Cockpitweb programmes?

We deliver the software within 2 days. There are NO extra shipping costs!

Can I buy a CockpitWeb program in my local shop?

No. The CockpitWeb programs are professional pilot programs. The best way to buy a CockpitWeb program is to buy here. It is fast and 100% safe!

I don't have Paypal. How can I order?

Paypal accepts all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, ... There's no need to become a PayPal member to use Paypal. It is a fast and secure way to buy on the internet. There are NO extra costs involved. All our prices include all costs and VAT. There are no hidden costs! There are no shipping costs because all programs are downloadable.

Paypal is not accepted in my country. How can I order?

Unfortunately some countries are not accepted by Paypal. You can order by transferring money to the CockpitWeb bank account. Contact us for more details.

Is the pre-flight preparation software included in the IFR Training software?

Yes. The IFR Training software contains a pilot training ebook and the interactive exercises and the IFR simulator and the navigation log software and the mass and balance calculator and the conversions calculator and the instructions for use.

Do you offer telephone support?

No. Our team consists of airline pilots who are 'airborne' most of the time. Your questions will be answered by email within a few days.

Minimum system requirements

Minimum System Requirements

I don’t have a joystick. Can I fly the IFR simulator? Can I use the Pilot Aptitude Test Software?

Yes. You can use the keyboard to fly the IFR simulator. We have included an Autotrim in the simulator. This avoids the requirement for trimming and creates a very stable airplane. You will find it very easy but still realistic to fly the airplane.

I don’t have a joystick. Can I use the Pilot Aptitude Test Software?

Yes, however some tests require a joystick. A joystick is not included in the program. Make sure to use / buy a Windows compatible joystick.

Does the package contain instructions for use?

Yes. All programs include instructions-for-use, either online or on PDF. The use of the program is explained step-by-step.

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